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Board President Martin Inglis Outlines Hopes for Columbus Symphony

Martin Inglis is the new Chairman of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors. Inglis arrived in Columbus in November of 2004, following a thirty-year career at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, to become Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Battelle. In this interview Inglis talks about his childhood in Malaysia, his love of violinist Itzhak Perlman and what he loves about Columbus (and Central Ohio). He also outlines his plans for a revived Columbus Symphony. [audio src="http://wosu.org/audio/classical/2009/martin_inglis_020309.mp3"]

Highlights From This Interview:

"We have a challenge with the Symphony Orchestra. But I have been thrilled with classical music, and music in general throughout my life." "As my life has progressed, I think it's more and more like enjoying whiskey. Over time, things mature, and that's what classical music is like. Sometimes early on you may not like it, but then all of a sudden you find textures and pieces that make it grow on you." "You can have better economic development when you have an environment which attracts people to that community, i.e, this is where I want to go and live, because of the quality of life. A symphony orchestra can make a major plus in providing that sort of pull." "There was fair amount of bruising from the circumstances of the last year. Everyone who has spoken to me, I have told them that there's no time for sitting on the sidelines waiting for something else to happen. Anybody who's interested in the orchestra has to get involved now. Now. Immediately."