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Interview With Composer Osvaldo Golijov

Interview With Composer Osvaldo Golijov

Osvaldo Golijov has been called the rock star of classical music. He was born to Eastern European Jewish parents in La Plata, Argentina in 1960. His fiery music is complexly original, at the same time using his South American and Jewish roots.

“Constant migration: that has been the story of my life. My music begins to tell that story, too, as a kind of autobiography."

In this interview, the award-winning composer of Passion According to St. Mark, Yiddishbuk, Oceana, and the opera Ainadamar talks about his composer's "voice," his influences, and writing without fear. [audio src="http://wosu.org/audio/classical/2008/osvaldo_golijov_interview_020408.mp3"]

Highlights From This Interview:

"Music can be a reflection of the entire experience of life, and also can (go) to places that cannot be described in words or by any other means. For instance, you can reach the essence of melancholy, or the essence of what it means to be in love, or the essence of grief." "Yiddishbuk is when I first found myself as a composer. Even if I didn't any more in that style, I felt like I wasn't trying to please anybody. I was really writing the piece that I wanted to write, and that I wanted to leave behind me even if I died the day after." "I think that there's a lot of unnecessary fears, and really when you realize how fragile existence is, there is no time to have fear or to think of superficial things. Just do what you feel you have to do."