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All Sides with Ann Fisher

Tech Tuesday: Social Media Stress, Kids' Apps, Hololens


11 am

Fears about technology's negative influence on society is nothing new. But a new study from Pew may be telling us to relax: frequent social media use does not correlate with higher stress levels. We'll learn more this hour. We'll also get some of the latest apps to keep kids entertained, and perhaps a little educated. And we'll check in on the world of gadgets.


  • Keith N. Hampton, associate professor of communication, Rutgers University
  • Jinny Gudmundsen, editor at TechWithKids.com
  • Russell Holly, contributing editor for AndroidCentral.com

Apps for kids mentioned on the show: With the holiday season over, some used tablets may find their way into the hands of young children. Jinny Gudmundsen, editor at TechWithKids.com, joined All Sides to talk about some recommended apps to download for your kids. Here are four mentioned on today’s show: Elmo Loves You This digital pop-up book from Sesame Street features Elmo taking the app user on a journey to teach them about love. Words are highlighted as you go along, and Elmo even turns to the user to tell say that he loves them, too. $3.99, iTunes app store. Ages 5 and under Peg + Cat: The Tree Problem Based on the PBS Kids show “Peg + Cat,” the app follows the titular duo with a series of problem-solving games. Cat constantly finds a way to get stuck in a tree, and the app user will need to be creative to help Peg solve puzzles so that she can save her beloved feline friend. $2.99, iTunes app store. Ages 5 and under Kalley’s Machine Plus Cats When a father tells his daughter that he has to go to work - and consequently leave her for the day - in order to provide food with the family, the imaginative child draws up a machine to create food and make sure he stays home. That’s the story behind this interactive app, one that incorporates a multitude of fun activities, along with a heavy dose of scientific knowledge. $2.99, iTunes app store. Ages 5 and under Hoopa City Kids become city planners in this app, where elements hanging from the top of the app can be combined to populate a child’s very own town. With 70 possible building combinations, the app even has a glossary so that kids can go back and figure out what buildings they’ve yet to create. $2.99, iTunes app store and free for Android devices. Ages 6-8