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Latinas in Ohio/Columbus Bicentennial Preview


In a 1995 medical study, it was found that Latinas who were born in the U.S. tended to esteem a thinner figure, while those who immigrated after seventeen years of age had less desire for a thin body. The study attributes this to the fact that those arriving in the U.S. later in life were not socialized early on to the prevailing fashion of thinness perpetuated in U.S. culture and media. How are Latin Americans transitioning to life in Ohio?


  • Francesca Spedalieri (PhD student and director, OSU Theatre Department)
  • Ana Elena Puga (Assistant Professor, OSU Department of Theatre)
  • Sandra Lopez (Co-Founder, Latinas in Ohio)

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For more information on "The Brothel and the Favorty: Staging Immigration and Women's Labor," visit the event here.


It's 2012, which means Columbus is celebrating its 200th birthday. Events and celebrations will take place all year. On this segment of "All Sides," we'll talk about the upcoming events.


  • Jamie Greene (Program Manager, Columbus Bicentennial)
  • Gerard Charles (Artistic Director, Ballet Met)