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Children of Immigrants Finding a Place in U.S. Society


The number of American children won’t shrink in the coming years, but the number of children of non-Hispanic whites will drop along with the baby boomers, and those who fill the gap will be children and grandchildren of immigrants. How are we preparing them to play a role in the future of our country? On this hour of "All Sides," we'll hear from an immigration expert, and also from a founder of Rwandan Women in Action a local group that provides mutual support to refugees from Africa.


  • Richard Alba (Sociology Professor, City University of New York)
  • Tatiana Adams (Co-Founder, Rwandan Women in Action)


Join Richard Alba in the discussion, "The Looming Transition to Diversity in Western Societies:  Challenge and Opportunity." On Friday, Nov. 18, Professor Alba will be presenting the fifth annual Huber Lecture sponsored by the Initiative in Population Research and the second COMPAS Colloquium on the 11th floor of the Thompson Library at The Ohio State University from 1:30 to 3:00 p.m.