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Homeland Secruity 10 years after 9-11/Public Health Preparedness


Are we safer? Is it better? What’s the cost benefit analysis? Are we even asking the right questions. Coming up, two experts. and we’ll also hear from the columbus department of public health about how a local agency handles the threats.


  • John Mueller (OSU Professor of Political Science and National Securities Studies)
  • Sean Burke (Vice President and Senior Fellow, Center for National Policy)


How is our community preparing for a natural disaster, biological or radioactive terrorist attack and what mechanisms are in place to respond to a serious or catastrophic event? Joining us today to answer some of those questions are two officials from Columbus Public Health who are part of the local and statewide homeland security team


  • Mike Fielding (Chief of Emergency Preparedness)
  • Dr. Mysheika LeMaile-Williams (Assistant Health Commissioner/Medical Director, Columbus Public Health

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