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Political Sex Scandals that Changed History

According to the jacket of his new book, Larry Flynt's latest endeavor is to expose hypocrisy in politics and transform the national political dialogue. He documents the various political sex scandals that have occurred throughout history with his newest book, co-authored with History Professor David Eisenbach, "One Nation Under Sex." In light of the political scandals being revealed, we'll talk with Larry Flynt about hypocrisy in politics throughout history and up to today. Flynt said the idea for writing his book came from his curiosity to see if recent sex scandals were around long before our time. “I wanted to know if the sex scandals we are having today if they existed prior in our history," Flynt said. "We started doing some research and found out it was going on with our founding fathers as well." Flynt is planning to open a new store, "Hustler Hollywood," in Clintonville, Ohio. Flynt described his days in Ohio as very good, as Flynt got his start in the adult entertainment industry in Ohio. He said he has fond memories of Ohio.


  • Larry Flynt (author and Hustler magazine publisher)

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http://www.flickr.com/photos/wosu/5882709701/ The proposed location of Larry Flynt's new store, "Hustler Hollywood," in Clintonville, Ohio.