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All Sides with Ann Fisher

Sexual Assault and Violence on College Campuses

Last year, the Center for Public Integrity found that 1 in 5 college women will be sexually assaulted during college, and that when sexual assaults do occur, universities consistently fail to properly investigate the cases. Last week, Vice President Joe Biden announced that new federal guidelines will spell out how colleges and universities must respond to allegations of sexual assault. Today, we take a closer look at the problem. Joining us are Vicki Banyard at the University of New Hampshire, where she helps direct a project to end violence against women on campus and Karen Baker, Director of the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, an initiative sponsored by the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, and funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Later in the hour, we're joined by Deborah Schipper, coordinator of the Sexual Violence Education and Support program in the Student Wellness Center at OSU. Schipper has been working in the field of sexual violence prevention and crisis intervention for more than 25 years, and is also the faculty advisor for the student group, Women and Allies Rising in Resistance, the oldest feminist group on the OSU campus. With her is Leah Apothaker, an undergraduate student at OSU who is a leader with women and allies rising in resistance and who helps to coordinate Columbus's Take Back the Night Rally, an annual event protesting violence against women.