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A Conversation With Author Anna Quindlen


Author and journalist Anna Quindlen has written 12 bestselling books in categories that range from fiction to nonfiction to self-help. Her latest book, Every Last One, is a novel about change. The worst change. Quindlen talks about her latest novel and her life as a writer and journalist.

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Every Last One (Excerpt) I have no excuse for my own tears. In the way of women my age, I increasingly count my blessings aloud, as though if other people acknowledge them they’ll be enough: three wonderful children, a long and happy marriage, good home, pleasurable work. And if below the surface I sense that one child is poised to flee and another is miserable, that my husband and I trade public pleasantries and private minutiae, that my work depends on the labor of men who think I’m cheating them — none of that is to be dwelled on.