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The Importance of Wetlands Called 'Vernal Pools'

Once Spring arrives, snow melt and spring rains create seasonal wetlands, and with them, a lush world that exists for only a few months each year. Thousands of different organisms comprise what are called "vernal pools." But they are disappearing. Ninety percent of these forms of wetlands in Ohio have disappeared over the course of the last 200 years. Learn why these unique habitats should be protected, with Ohio EPA Division of Surface Water Wetland Ecologist Mick Macacchion, Ohio Environmental Council Air & Water Special Projects Director David Celebrezze, and Columbus Metro Parks Executive Director John O’Meara. Link: Ohio Vernal Pools Partnership: “The mission of the Ohio Vernal Pool Partnership is to encourage community-based conservation of vernal pools in Ohio through education, partnerships, science, and (re)discovery of our natural world.â€?