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All Sides with Ann Fisher

Nonprofits Face New Financial Challenges

Nonprofits - from religion to secular - address needs that otherwise go unmet. but how much more can they take of this economic downturn? Hear about the future of nonprofits and their ability to survive the times.

Guests on the Program

  • Allen Proctor has worked as a top executive for Harvard University, New York City, the New York State Financial Control Board, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. As founder of Allen Proctor Consulting, LLC, his focus is to help clients build a solid financial and strategic base for future growth.
  • Stephanie Moulton teaches courses in nonprofit and public management, and researches the intersection between public, private and nonprofit organizations. Moulton’s research broadly focuses on the institutional determinants of public policy outcomes across sectors, including the intersection between public, private and nonprofit organizations and organizational publicness.
  • Nicole Edwards joined Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in January, 1999. Her primary responsibility has evolved to include all aspects of financial planning—education, retirement and estate planning –for our clients. Nicole’s additional focus on manager research, asset allocation, and portfolio design occurred as a natural outgrowth of her analytical responsibilities. She currently has the distinction of being a Senior Investment Management Consultant/Financial Advisor and a Financial Planning Specialist.