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Two Viewpoints About Senate Bill 5; The Bohemian Life of Hemingway

If Ohio Senate Bill 5 passes:

  • All public workers would be banned from striking. The initial bill had retained a limited strike option for teachers.
  • The issue of binding arbitration for police and firefighters still is pending. Senate republicans have said they’re looking for an alternative.
  • It looks like house republicans are amenable. It’s unclear how the governor will respond. Governor Kasich's budget, which is due in mid-March, could call for other restrictions on public employee unions.

Joining us to talk about what rights public employees should and should not have regarding their employment fortunes are: Eugene Branstool, who in 1983 sponsored the collective bargaining law that now faces extinction. Branstool is a retired farmer who served four terms in the Ohio House of Representatives and two terms in Ohio Senate.  He was appointed Assistant Secretary of Agriculture and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation.  Gene Branstool was the sponsor of Ohio’s Collective Bargaining Law enacted 27 years ago (1984). Ohio State Senator Keith Faber is President Pro Tempore of the Ohio Senate and Vice Chair of the Insurance, Commerce & Labor Committee.  He served three terms in the Ohio House of Representatives and has been a State Senator since 2007.  Faber is the principal partner with Faber and Associates in Celina, a law firm specializing in civil litigation and mediation.

Also on this episode:

Young Ernest Hemingway grew up in a middle-class family near Chicago determined to escape convention and become a famous writer. It was his first wife, Hadley Richardson, who shared his struggles through the lean years as an expatriate writer in 1920s Paris, France. Years later, Hemingway recounted this in A Moveable Feast. Today we’re talking with Paula McLain, the author of a new novel about Hadley and Ernest Hemingway’s marriage called The Paris Wife. Paula is the author of two collections of poetry and a memoir.