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Penick vs. Board of Education

Penick vs. Board of Education, the landmark court case that led to the desegregation of the Columbus Public Schools in 1977, with Clarence Lumpkin, a plaintiff in the case, Sam Porter, an attorney for Board of Education in the case, 10TV News Anchor Jerry Revish, and author/filmmaker Gregory Jacobs. Related Items:

  • Penick v. Columbus Board of Education: Circuit Court Judge Robert Duncan ruled in Penick v. Columbus Board of Education that schools in Columbus, Ohio were segregated and that the Columbus Board of Education knowingly kept white and African-American students apart from each other by creating school boundaries that sent black students to predominantly black schools and white students to predominantly white schools. Duncan cited evidence that this policy had existed since at least 1909. The judge made his ruling on March 8, 1977
  • Getting Around Brown