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Lux Narayan: What Do Obituaries Teach Us About Lives Well-Lived?

Part 5 of the TED Radio Hour episodeDying Well.

About Lux Narayan's TED Talk

Lux Narayan analyzed 2000 New York Timesobituaries, of both famous and not-so-famous people, over a two-year period. One common thread among them? A fierce desire to help others.

About Lux Narayan

Lux Narayan is CEO and co-founder of Unmetric, a social media intelligence company based in New York and India.

He is also a co-founder at ShareMyCake Charitable Foundation, a non-profit that focuses on raising more generous children.

Before Unmetric, Narayan was a co-founder at Vembu Technologies, an online data backup company.

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