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Anti-Capital Punishment Group Walks from Lucasville To Columbus

Karen Kassler, Ohio Public Radio
Death penalty protesters walk along Route 23 In Central Ohio.

Opponents of the death penalty are at the end of a week-long walk to the state capital, which started at the maximum security prison in Lucasville, where executions are carried out.

Lorry Swain is with the Lucasville chapter of Fellowship for Reconciliation, a faith-based group that opposes capital punishment. She said she’s against it for many reasons.

“It costs three to ten times more to carry out a death penalty than it does to incarcerate a person in a maximum security prison for life. There’s no evidence it works as a deterrent. We sometimes get it wrong,” Swain said.

About 10 people have been walking. The group has included Derrick Jamison, who served 20 years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, and Sam Reese Sheppard, whose father Sam Sheppard was wrongly convicted in the infamous case involving the 1954 murder of his mother in suburban Cleveland.

There are two bills in the Statehouse to ban executions - the House version has both a Democratic and a Republican joint sponsor.