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Drum Fill Friday, With Sō Percussion

The members of Sō Percussion will bang on almost anything.
Janette Beckman
The members of Sō Percussion will bang on almost anything.

May is international drum month! To celebrate, we bring you a discussion in percussion with a group of guys who will bang on almost anything (including a cactus). The members of are the guest quizmasters for this week's Drum Fill Friday. Eric Cha-Beach, Josh Quillen, Adam Silwinski and Jason Treuting perform the classics of the percussion repertoire while actively commissioning works from today's masters, such as Steve Reich, David Lang and Paul Lansky. Although this list, according to Silwinski, is "ABC stuff for percussionists," I'd give it five drum sticks out of five for difficulty.

(Note: Drum Fill Friday is taking a little early summer vacation, returning mid-July or so. In the meantime there are plenty of quizzes at our Drum Fill archive.)

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