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Ohio Kicks Off Road Construction Season With 990 projects

ODOT plans to work on 990 road projects.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has officially kicked off construction season in the state.

The state is investing $2.4 billion in ongoing transportation construction. The transportation department on Monday announced the 2015 season will include 990 road projects.

ODOT spokesman Matt Bruning says among the funded projects are the next phase of the Interstate 270 / U.S. Route 23 interchange upgrade in Franklin County.

“We’re expanding lanes there, doing that underground trench, redesigning lanes to help traffic flow more smoothly through that area. So I know it’s a lot of pain right now but it’s going to improve that interchange and you’ll see a bunch of improvement here in the future,” Bruning says.

Other projects include the widening of East 105th St. in Cleveland’s upcoming Opportunity Corridor, the addition of a third lane on Interstate 70 in parts of Clark and Montgomery counties and widening parts of Interstate 75 in northwest Ohio. Many projects are slated to take several years to complete.

The department’s construction program also includes nearly 300 bridge projects, more than 275 paving projects and about 220 safety projects.